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I'm Still Alive!

2012-01-10 09:30:14 by FlashfireEX

So, it's been a good 8 months since I made one of these front page posts so I guess I'm well overdue for an update. Okay, let's see here...

First, I've decided that I'm pretty much done with sprite animation. As fun as it is, I know that it will never get me anywhere in terms of professional work so I've decided to end it. It's a good thing I didn't start a series or anything. Hell, I have yet to even post a solo project. I've been taking a long break from animation and still intend to define my artistic ability before I ever release an animation.

Going back to the thing about not releasing a solo project yet, in it's evidence, I can never finish anything. I've started so many projects since I've joined Newgrounds that I can't even count them. These include, but aren't limited to: short movies, first-parters to a series and even huge games. What happens with every project is that I seem to slowly (or quickly) drift away from a project until I completely halt production on it (and of course I rarely return). I also tend to keep coming up with great ideas for them and can't keep up which obviously doesn't help. I've developed so many great project ideas yet I can never finish or, occasionally, even start them. The only way I seem to be able to finish things is when I have others motivating me with their optimism and own big contributions to the project (which is why all my projects as of now are collabs). I suppose that sort of pressure sort of force-motivates me. I hope to find a better way to keep myself dedicated to projects in the near future or I guess I can say goodbye to an animation-based career (though I've been thinking about getting into special effects lately).

Also, Youtube. As overrated as I am there, I have almost 5000 subscribers. If you've ever liked anything I've made, help me out by subscribing. If not, you should probably have stopped reading this a long time ago. I haven't posted a video in a long time, let alone an animation, but I'll get back into it eventually. I'm still very active on there. I've been posting a lot to my alt account though. Subscribe there too if you care at all for anime and Youtube Poops.

Oh, yes. Abobo's Big Adventure. Be sure to check this out if, for whatever reason, you haven't heard of this yet. I can't wait for tomorrow to play this beast.

People usually mention their personal lives (things delaying their projects) in these things but I can't say school has really been that hindering for me lately. I'm still only in high school after all.

Well, that's really all I have for this update. I can't say I'm the most productive person in the world but I hope that I'll develop better habits in the coming future. Thanks for reading my update and have a good day.

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2011-05-11 05:38:31 by FlashfireEX

As of today I am 16.

I'm working on a few things right now but I'm not going to reveal them because there's the chance that they won't be completed anyway. I'm thinking about making a part for EASTBEAST's Pikmin Collab which still has a long time before release and it's very likely that I'll have a solo project or two out by then. If I do make a part, it will be fully animated, not sprited.

I've been thinking lately about doing more regular animation and not making sprites my primary source of flash content. This will probably happen slowly as time goes on because you can't get an animation related career with only experience with sprites, now can you? Also there's the fact that I'm not exactly the best artist in the world and have yet to develop a personal style, so right now I've just been experimenting with different ones. I'm probably a bit behind as an artist considering I can't draw people, animals or anything that exceeds a certain level of simplicity. That's what practise is for though of course.

Anyway, pic related. Have a nice day.


The Many Kirbys Collab

2011-04-12 21:19:13 by FlashfireEX

Go watch it! It puts the Kirby Collab to shame.

I'm also having a problem with the credits so they don't work at the moment. They just lead back to the preloader. I'll fix them as soon as I figure out the problem. Anyway, enjoy!

Edit: All glitches fixed! :)

Edit: Wow! Front page! I wasn't expecting to get this again. Thanks, Tom!

What is this.

2010-12-08 18:00:36 by FlashfireEX

First off, the Many Kirbys Collab is proceeding nicely. It will be released later this month.

Now. Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on right here? This had better not be permanent.


Edit: Found this out. When you earn a new medal, all your medals come back. Problem solved.

What is this.

Last Call For MKC Entrants

2010-11-11 16:38:20 by FlashfireEX

Hey, Newgrounds. The Many Kirbys Collab is nearing completion. The due date is December 20th, so about 40 days left until it is completed and submitted. For any of you skilled animators who have no plans for a Christmas flash this year, why not try your hand at this Collab? You've got the perfect amount of time to make a pretty decent part. For those of you who don't know about the MKC, this Collab is basically a mix between VintageBro's Many Marios Collab and my Kirby Collab. This Collab is sure to surpass those two in both animation and comedy so if you didn't like either of those then don't assume that this is going to suck because of that. I'm determined to step up my Flash skills in hopes that the rest will do the same, so I'm being very strict for what I'm allowing in this Collab so I will not be accepting ANY mediocre parts this time around. So if you've got the skills, we've got the space.

Oh, and on a side note I can't get ENOUGH of this movie.

Last Call For MKC Entrants

Tablet Get!

2010-10-01 15:28:12 by FlashfireEX

I've just acquired my first tablet. A Wacom Intuos4 Small to be exact. Finally, I get to play Solipskier with a pen! Oh yeah... and make hand drawn animations (but mostly the Solipskier part). Also, we're still looking for new members in the Many Kirbys Collab (don't bitch about improper grammar, Kirby is a proper noun therefore it remains y). We could really use some more good animators. You need a sample if you have yet to submit to the portal. If you're not a half decent animator, you will probably be rejected. If you are, then feel free to apply. Well... that's pretty much it. Oh, and I'm programming a game for Rock-Candy. No details will be revealed.

Pic related.

Tablet Get!

The Many Kirbys Collab

2010-07-18 19:29:11 by FlashfireEX


If you're familiar with the "Many Marios Collab", this is basically a mix of that and "The Kirby Collab". If you're one of those people who didn't like The Kirby Collab, this one will be a lot better I assure you. We're going to make sure the humor is better, it has better voice acting and absolutely NO memes are referenced! If you would like to join, just make sure you have a 2010 submission or have a sample ready and we'll see if you meet the requirements. I too will try to make better parts this time around. Also, only room for 7 sprite skits this time around. That's just how it is.

(Am I supposed to have a picture here or something? Well I got nothing, it just started. I might put one in later.)


2010-06-26 11:59:09 by FlashfireEX

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